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Was it all just a coincidence, or was it inevitable?Ichigo Kurosaki gained the powers of a Soul Reaper through a chance encounter. As a SubstituteSoul Reaper, Ichigo became caught in the turmoil of the Soul Society, a place where deceasedsouls gather. But with help from his friends, Ichigo overcame every challenge to become evenstronger.When new Soul Reapers and a new enemy appear in his hometown of Karakura, Ichigo jumpsback into the battlefield with his Zanpakuto to help those in need. Meanwhile, the Soul Societyis observing a sudden surge in the number of Hollows being destroyed in the World of the Living.They also receive separate reports of residents in the Rukon District having gone missing. Finally,the Seireitei, home of the Soul Reapers, comes under attack by a group calling themselves theWandenreich.Led by Yhwach, the father of all Quincies, the Wandenreich declare war against the Soul Reaperswith the following message: "Five days from now, the Soul Society will be annihilated by theWandenreich."The history and truth kept hidden by the Soul Reapers for a thousand long years is finally broughtto light.All things must come to an end as Ichigo Kurosaki's final battle begins!

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